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March 14, 2011 marked the 25th Anniversary of our very first day in business way back in 1986. In celebration, we decided to get a bit nostalgic and brew “Brew #1,” the first beer ever made in the Triple Rock system. Reid & John originally brewed it on Christmas Day 1985, and for our Anniversay party we poured Brew #1 (a Pale Ale) all day for just $1.75 a pint (the original price). That night, to celebrate the hopped-up beers we like to brew these days, we also tapped a cask of “Brew #1” amped up with a healthy addition of hops inside the cask.

Over the years we have made a heck of a lot of memories in our good ole’ brewpub, and any day of the week you are likely to find one of our regulars at the bar who remembers our opening day. Any one of them would tell you that while the Rock has certainly changed a lot over the years, the heart of our neighborhood brewpub has stayed constant. From the days when John and Reid suited up in full coveralls to brew one of their only three house craft brews (Red Rock, Black Rock, and Pinnacle Pale Ale) to today with Head Brewer Jeff Kimpe or Assistant Brewer George Kumparak crafting one of an arsenal of recipes we’ve compiled, the goal has always been to simply make incredible beer and serve it up fresh in a comfortable, classic American pub. It’s what we do, and who we are, so come on down and have a beer with us.