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SF Beer Week Raining Down

January 18th, 2016


Monkeyheads up, 3rockers: SF Beer week starts THIS FRIDAY. Here is our full line-up for when and where you can find Triple Rock’s brews and events this year.

Friday, January 22nd – Opening Gala in SF at Pier 35

The SF Beer Week Opening Gala is the largest, most anticipated, and prestigious annual gathering of the Northern California craft beer community. It’s the kick off party for SF Beer Week, commencing a nine-day marathon of beer dinners, tastings, tap takeovers and educational events that occur all over the Bay Area.

We’re returning with some of our classic favorites and some new friends this year. Tickets are sold out this year so you better act quick on making friends to slip into Pier 35 to sip some suds.

Saturday, January 23rd – Single, Double, and Triple IPA Firkin Flight

We’ve prepared our SFBW IPAs as a three flight firkin. For any fans of our annual April Firkin Fest, we’ve created an unique event to experience a flight of our one-off SF Beer Week IPAs set-aside in specially prepared firkins. We’ve got one single, one double, and one triple IPA pour which have been directly dry-hopped in the firkin.

We’ll be tapping firkins at 11:30 am and will pour to the last drop. 15$ entitles you to three 9oz pours of these dry-hopped firkins.

Sunday, January 24th – Sour Sunday – Old World Sours @ Triple Rock


Presented by Triple Rock, Jupiter, and Drake’s, we will once again pay homage to the lip smacking, tongue-tingling, kick in the teeth that is sour beer. Make your way to Downtown Berkeley to take on more than 60 of the world’s finest sour and barrel-aged beers.

Dividing and conquering the free world, Triple Rock will be tackling the old world sours and Jupiter will feature American wild ales. Rain or shine, grab your Tums® and come ready to taste the rarest, wildest, sourest, funkiest and horseblanketiest brews of them all!

As always, you will be able to go back and forth between Jupiter and Triple Rock as the event is underway. A new beer will tap at each location every half hour.

Visit for details and tickets.

Tuesday, January 26th – Beer Geek Trivia

For those not in the know, Triple Rock Brewery & Alehouse is home to Berkeley’s oldest original brewpub. If you’ve been fortunate enough to experience our brewhouse, you will see it’s soaked in historical breweriana.

We’ve got 5 rounds situated around a particular theme. You will learn about beer, its ingredients, its history, and certainly the chronicles of Triple Rock. Bring family and friends (or make them at the bar in true Triple Rock fashion) to form teams to earn a variety of prizes and bragging rights.

Wednesday, January 27th – The Hop Luncheon

HopSalad_2print2 copy


Feeling fatigued from that mundane lunch routine? The Lunch Special at Triple Rock Brewery & Alehouse will surely give your afternoon the hop-punch you’re looking for. Our traditional luncheon has expanded this year with the inclusion of our sister brewery, Jupiter, whetting your whistle with a new course “hoppitizer.” This will be followed with Triple Rock’s own, Hop Salad, a citrus-y tossing of hops going into this DIPA. Faction’s Hop Soup and Drake’s Hop Sandwich, round out the rest of this midweek luncheon.

The Special features a 4-course lunch of soup, salad, and a sandwich lunch paired with a flight of fresh SF Beer Week exclusive Double IPAs from Triple Rock, Drake’s, Faction, and a “Hoppitizer” from Jupiter.

Friday, January 29th – Brewers’ Office Hours & Tour


Meet Triple Rock’s dynamic duo of Jeff Kimpe and Mike Moroney as they hold “office hours” and answer your burning questions regarding all things Triple Rock beer. Afterward, they will take the group behind the velvet curtain for a tour of the Triple Rock brewing facilities.

Friday, January 29th – Triple Rock and The Hog’s Apothecary Collaboration Release

Triple Rock and The Hog’s Apothecary Collaboration, Hip Breaker IPA, makes its debut with Head Brewer Jeff Kimpe on hand to bask in the hoppy glory.

Hip Breaker was created for one of the original founders of Hog’s who broke a hip after falling off a ladder, preparing Hog’s for its grand opening. This 7% IPA is loaded with Galaxy and Rakau hops, and will knock you on your hip with its big, tropical fruit bouquet.

Also on tap will be Kimpe’s Hop Salad Double IPA and Nod-and-Smile Triple IPA. All three will be packaged in a flight. Don’t miss out on this hop binge.

Saturday, January 30th – Mister Stout Release 


To cap off SF beer week we’ll unveil our barrel-aged releases. A flight entitles you to experience what months of hard work tastes like. Mister Stout will be served authoritatively on draft, commanded off a bourbon barrel, and incorporated as a blend. Miss Stout will also make an appearance as a firkin with tart cherries and cacao nibs.

As you wind down your SF Beer Week, join us for some pensive sippers we’ve been working on all year.

It’s Mister to you, pal….


SFBW16_media_sponsorship2 copy

Festivus 2015

December 11th, 2015


Triple Rock is now beaming with holiday spirit!

We have multi-colored holiday lights, festive wreaths, and evergreen ribbons hanging from the wood molding. For many people, this time of year represents a festively bedazzled spruce or evergreen tree. The holidays represent a time to celebrate the good times you’ve had with your friends, family, and coworkers over the past year. People exchange gifts and enjoy festively spiced food and drinks. But for those of you-in-the-know, this is a very special time of year for us. We celebrate a day immediately before all that christmassy familial rigamarole. Triple Rock enjoys a night before the holiday’s stresses become unavoidable.

Every December 23rd, we celebrate Festivus. A Festivus for the Rest of Us.

We have all the same traditions. Instead of a tree, we’ve got a gorgeous and shiny holiday pole.


We have a festive dinner and a plethora of liquid holiday cheer. We’ll even a Reindeer with a bubbly personality and a festive red nose.

The night will, as always, feature the traditional Festivus events of the Airing of Grievances in which you may mouth off to your friends all your grievances (anonymously) with how they have transgressed you this past year. As is tradition, we’ll have Feats of Strength, in which people try to engage in physical activities between beers…

For those not-so-much in the know, “Festivus” is a secular holiday which made its way into popular culture from a now-legendary Seinfeld episode.

In keeping with the original O’Keefe Festivus tradition, we always have our festively green Belfast clock. O’Keefe was quoted as saying: “The real symbol of the holiday was a clock that my dad put in a bag and nailed to the wall every year…I don’t know why, I don’t know what it means, he would never tell me. He would always say, ‘That’s not for you to know.”

The pole goes up at 5pm, and ends when the head of the household is pinned. Festivus is upon us.

Festivus Poster

Squirrel Away Saisons Event

October 8th, 2015


Join us before El Nino wreaks havoc on October 25th for a special event only 3Rock can provide. Over the past year we’ve hoarded six saisons (including our collaboration saison with Sante Adarius), encased them in a glass shell, and cellared them for safe keeping. Then we decided to be extra nice and share them to the public with discriminating tastes. Crack these bottles and kegs with us on our star-gazing beer garden at noon. $25 dollars entitles you to a full flight of 9oz pours.


Firkin Fest 2015

April 15th, 2015


Indeed, kids, it’s that time again- when the Bay area’s biggest firkin festival hit our floor to benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.  Firkin Fest 2015 is Saturday, April 25 at 11:30am here at Triple Rock in downtown Berkeley.  Our lineup this year is nothing short of stellar, with firkins from breweries like FreewheelFaction, Drake’s, Cellarmaker, and Sante Adairius, just to name a couple.  Here’s the FAQ:

What the hell’s a firkin? A firkin is a 10.2 gallon vessel, or “cask,” used to hold and serve “real ale.”

What the hell’s real ale? Real ale is a a traditional style of ale in which nearly finished beer is racked off into casks with a bit of yeast left in to let the beer continue to mature. The yeast will then begin a secondary fermentaion in the cask, producing a light, natural carbonation. Once matured, the beer is then served directly from the firkin at a cool (not cold) cellar temperature of 55°F. The light carbonation and the warmer serving temperature allow the subtle flavors of the malt, yeast, and hops to wash over the palate un-hindered.

Why’d you put all that other shit in there? Because we can.  The smaller size of the firkin allows us more room for experimentation than a typical keg, so look for dry-hops, fruit, cacao nibs, espresso beans, spices, and all kinds of other additions finding their way into yer beer at this event. IMG958538 Full brewery list: Triple Rock, Jupiter, Drake’s, Cellarmaker, 21st Amendment, Moonlight, Faction, Moylan’s, Peter B’s, Henhouse, Sierra Nevada, Iron Springs, Track 7, Ballast Point, Marin, Freewheel, EJ, Phair, Berryessa, Knee Deep, Social Kitchen

Longshot 2015

March 25th, 2015

We’re a little over a month out from the Legendary Boonville Beerfest- one of the highlights of the year for California brewers & drinkers alike, and that also means it’s time for our annual Longshot employee competition.  The two Longshot winners get a day or two offa slinging IPAX in Berkeley to attend the fest & go sling IPAX in Mendocino.


Win? Win what?  WE’RE GETTING THERE.

As we were saying… the first competition is the written test on the history of beer, how it’s tasted, how the styles are defined, and all that.  Remember, kids- beer’s as old as society itself, and it took a lot of work by a lot of cultures to get to where we are today.  And as a brewpub staff, we gotta know all this beer-nerd shit inside & out, and some will continue their education and get real inside baseball with it, and this is their chance & incentive to show off.


Last year’s winners, Michelle & Marc

On the flip side in the employee recipe contest- employees get to submit a recipe, and the pub (that’s you!) gets to vote on which one they’d like to try, and with a bit of tweaking, Head Brewer Jeff Kimpe & Cellarman Mike Moroney will brew it up for release exclusively at the Boonville Fest and in the pub.  Here are this year’s entries, which await your vote right this second in downtown Berkeley:

Casual Blazer – Some venues disrespect a blazer at a glance, not here! Magnum and East Kent Goldings hops, and a rich dose of hemp create a spicy, smoky, nutty Porter that will prove that a casual blazer is fashionable anywhere.

Snap! IPA – This IPA will be herbaceous and resiny with an exotic spice character. Fresh ginger is added to the boil to give a unique twist. Columbus and Chinook hops will be featured prominently and a touch of rye will provide the spiciness.

Col. Mustard – This foamy and golden Belgian Strong Ale with a respectable hop bite and sweetness that is balanced by notes of spicy mustard from additions of brown mustard seeds in the kettle and Belgian rock candi sugar.

Hugh Hef – This smoked strawberry Hefeweizen is built to be smooth, easy drinking and sessionable. Smoked strawberries in the fermenter give a unique twist on the classic style.

Toikkanen Sahti – This unique Sahti starts with a base of pilsner malt and a touch of rye and then juniper berries and twigs, orange peel, and hops provide balancing bitterness.

Orangutan IPA – This hoppy West-coast IPA is brewed with dried orange peel which gives this beer a citrusy tang that compliments it’s strong hop profile. You will go bananas for this zesty primate.

Burlyman – Burlyman is a unique take on the classic Kolsch with Saaz and Magnum hops coming together to provide bitterness and aroma.  

IP on A Tree – This IPA is designed to show off the pine aroma and flavor of select hop varietals in a big way and to serve as a piney reminder to all that Stanford sucks.

Jitter Juice – A Pale Ale brewed with green tea and apricots. The perfect sunny afternoon beer to keep you motivated the rest of the day!

Mint Chocolate Sip – A dark, full bodied, mint chocolate take on the Imperial Stout. Mint extract in the boil and fresh mint leaves and cocoa nibs in the fermenter provide depth.

Hell’s Hydration – This refreshing 2xIPA will have a big citrus aroma and a punchy bitterness. Perfect for any occasion – Even in hell!