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Head Brewer- Jeff Kimpe

If we had to describe our Head Brewer Jeff Kimpe’s brewing style and philosophy, it’s helpful to look to his heritage. Born in East Detroit, MI, Jeff grew up with the engrained love and respect for quality beer in all its classic styles that must have been genetically passed on from his Belgian grandfather. From the moment he tasted his first “real beer” (a Duvel given to him by his Uncle), Jeff developed a voracious appetite for beer knowledge, tasting every beer and reading every brewing book all that he could get his hands on.

In 1996, with an American spirit and determination to pull himself up by his bootstraps, Jeff made the move to Los Angeles, where he immersed himself in homebrewing and volunteered at a few L.A. brewpubs to learn all sides of the craft. After a few years in SoCal, Jeff made his way to Oakland, CA, in 2002, to find a place in the booming Bay Area craft beer scene. A series of calls to local breweries and a few interviews later, Jeff secured a position at Pyramid Brewery where he stayed for seven years learning the intricacies of brewing on a large scale.

After paying his dues at Pyramid, Jeff made the move to our brother brewery, Drake’s Brewing Co. in San Leandro, CA where he got to spread his creative wings crafting a few of his own recipes. As a Drake’s brewer, and later as the head brewer behind Jupiter brewpub’s seasonal beer program, Jeff always showed an unwavering dedication to using top quality ingredients and never failed to take the extra steps to make each beer as good as it can be. With his recipes, Jeff showcases his style of paying homage to classic beer styles but always with a distinctive west-coast edge.

Now, as Triple Rock’s newest head brewer, Jeff says he’s stoked to brew all the great beers already well loved here at T-Rock as well as a few new things he’s got up his sleeve. We can’t wait to try them.


Updated 9/10/2015


Pinnacle Pale Ale(4.8% A.B.V., 22 I.B.U.)
Our English Pale Ale combines delicate aromas and flavors of English hops with a light grain base. “The Peak of Flavor.”
$4.75/pint $16.50/pitcher

IPAX ALE (6.7% A.B.V., 65 I.B.U.)
Our West Coast IPA starts with a huge floral and citrus hop aroma. Unfiltered and finished with whole flower Simcoe hops, this Hop Head go-to is standout in the style. So popular that a new batch of this hop wallop comes out fresh every six days!
$5.25/pint $18.50/pitcher

Red Rock Ale (5.4% A.B.V., 35 I.B.U.)
Our Award winning American Red Ale is hoppy for the style and balanced out by a nice caramelized grain presence. Medium bodied red that is balanced between the initial hop bitterness and a toasty caramel aftertaste.
$4.75/pint $16.50/pitcher

Bug Juice Ale(5.4% A.B.V., 32 I.B.U.)
Our everyday American Pale Ale has a big hop aroma and flavor that is nicely balanced out by the select character malts and is a great foil to some of the experimental Pale Ales we feature. Medium bodied golden-hued ale that has a floral hop and a light caramel taste.
$4.75/pint $16.50/pitcher

Black Rock Porter(5.0% A.B.V., 20 I.B.U.)
Robust dark ale that is lightly hopped and has a roasted coffee flavor.
$4.75/pint $16.50/pitcher

Stonehenge Stout(7.0% A.B.V., 25 I.B.U.)
This export-style stout is big and rich with an emphasis on dark roasted grains. A touch of oats rounds everything out. Very dark, full-bodied brew with bittersweet chocolate- toasted caramel flavors and a velvety finish.
$5.25/pint $18.50/pitcher


Check with your server to see what’s pouring today.

S.H.E. 072020(5.0% A.B.V., 58 I.B.U.)
In the latest version of our longstanding Single Hop Experience series, we explore an experimental hop that has a crisp grapefruit pith punch.
$4.75/pint $16.50/pitcher

Take 2 Pils(5.0% A.B.V., 38 I.B.U.)
Handshake? Take 2 Pils. Drinkability and then some. Water, Pilsener malt, Czech Saaz hops, yeast and your mouth.
$4.75/pint $16.50/pitcher

Small Talk(4.8% A.B.V., 60 I.B.U.)
This sessionable American Pale Ale is loaded with select Pacific Northwest hop varietals and put against a light grain backdrop of 2-row barley, crystal, caramalt, and Munich.
$5.25/pint $18.50/pitcher

Oatlandia Pale Ale(5.2% A.B.V.)
Tons of Oats round out this American Pale with a marriage of hops Mosaic, Simcoe, and Equinox in the kettle with a huge Citra dry-hop. Vermont yeast allows these aromatic and fruit-forward hops do the talking of the beer.
$5.25/pint $18.50/pitcher

Leadbelly(5.0% A.B.V., 58 I.B.U.)
Our humble contribution to hte wonderful yearls Ales for ALS project. PWe paired the donated ALS hop blend from B.T. Loftus ranches with 2-Row barley. Ask about the blend!
$5.25/pint $18.50/pitcher

Tree Frog Ale — (5.8% A.B.V., 20 I.B.U.)
Dark amber Scotch Ale with notes of sweet caramel and fruit esters.
$5.00/pint $17.50/pitcher

Dragons Milk Brown Ale — (6.5% A.B.V., 30 I.B.U.)
Dry-hopped brown ale, very aromatic, tastes of roasted chocolate and coffee with a full-bodied finish.
$5.25/pint $18.50/pitcher

Specialty Brews — The brewer’s playground beers that rotate throughout the year and are brewed offschedule, subject to the whims of the brewmaster.

Seasonal Brews
Our seasonal brew selection rotates throughout the year to reflect the popular styles and ingredients brewed during each of the four seasons of the year. Ask your sever or bartender what’s on tap.
$5.50/pint $4.50/half $19.50/pitcher

Nitro Tap
The nitro tap gives any ale a finer texture, leaving the taste smoother on the palate in addition to the visually stimulating cascading effect. As with cask ales, styles rotate
$5.50/pint $4.50/half

Drink the Spectrum
For the curious pub-crawler — a 5½ oz. taster glass of any beer on tap. Try one or all of our many Triple Rock Ales.
$2.00 each

Beer To Go
Triple Rock Growlers
64 oz. Triple Rock glass growlers are available now. Get one today and take the goodness of our beers home with you.
$21.50- Growler + Beer; $11.50- Refills

Thursdays only!
Monkey Head Arboreal Ale
Monkey head is a warming, bottle-conditioned, malty amber ale with slight hop bite and clean finish. Served cold in liter bottles. At 8.0% A.B.V. it’s great for sharing with your friends.
$9/1-liter bottle in house only. Join us Thursdays and relax.